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A list of the books, which are recommended by the lecturers in the current semester, can be found in the Download Area: please click here.

Cologne Business School (CBS) – Library Hardefuststraße 1, 50677 Köln Phone: +49 (221) 93 18 09-18        Mail: bibliothek(at)cbs.de

In the PC-room of the library you will find a copier / printer which you can use with your electronic student ID card. You can print from any PC (including your laptop).

As student you have access to our database offer. You can use the databases from campus side without any obstacles. If you want to use them from outside the following "traffic light" system will inform you about the possibilities:

The yellow symbol "only within the university network or from outside with passwort (VPN)"  tells you that either a password or the download of a VPN-Software is required. This sofware is necessary for the correspondance with our network. If you have further questions concerning VPN please ask our IT department. In case you need the password, you can ask the library team.

Note: The databases of EBSCO Host (Business Source; Regional Business News) require a password, when using from outside the campus; the databases WISO and Statista as well as all DFG-Databases require the access via VPN.

The use of the library is generally free of charge. Books for late returns, however, incur overdue fines. The fees are graded: overdrawing the first week: 1€ per book/week. Second week: 3€ per book/week. There are 5 grades, which you could find in our using regulations. Overdrawing reference books (books with a red point) costs 3 Euro per day.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the library: in person to our staff / by phone +49 (221) 93 18 09 18 / by mail at bibliothek@cbs.de

Interlibrary loan means the exchange of books between libraries: If a library does not have a book that you request, the library can order it for you from a partner library. The transport will be organized by the two libraries and you will receive an email as soon as the book is in "your" home library and is ready to be picked up. You can easily access through us the inventory of our partner-library European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Brühl and Neuss. The books are searchable via our jointly controlled catalogue. Through our cooperation with the University and City Library of Cologne (USB), you can further use the interlinked service offered by the USB to order books from other libraries.

In the library you will find five quiet study rooms. A reservation is not required.

Your Student ID Card is also your Library ID Card.

Most of your books and magazines are for borrowing. In addition, there are books that belong to the so-called "reference collection". Books that are assigned to the reference library are books which we make available for constant access so that they may be used on spot. These books you can only borrow overnight: The lending will be possible than 1h before closing until the next business day one hour after opening. If the library will have closing time on weekend, which might differ, than the lending over weekend is also possible - by following the same lending procedure (1 hour before closing till one hour after opening).

The loan period for books is 1 week. You can extend the loan period three times if the books are not bookmarked. You can extend by personal visit, by E-Mail, by phone or even via your user account in the online catalogue.

We offer a hugh amount of printed magazines and newspapers. You will also find numerous newspapers and magazines via our databases. The printed journals can also be borrowed, the loan period is one week, too.

Our online catalogue gives you an overview of the available titles in the library. The online catalogue does not contain full texts (entire books or magazines), but information about their location in the library, the loan status, etc. Our catalogue is a so-called "union catalogue", it gives you not only an overview about our stock, but also information about the library stocks of the EUFH Brühl, EUFH Neuss, EMS Mainz and ABS Aachen.

You can extend your loan period three times in your account via the online catalogue. Please ensure that you complete the process entirely. Increasing the loan period via the catalogue, please print out the new loan period as evidence, or save a screenshot, because only such documents shall act of evidence, in the event that an extension has not been completed entirely. We ask for your understanding. If questions arise during the extension please email us directly, later claims are unfortunately invalid. If the book is already flagged and reserved by another reader then an extension is not possible, however you can pre-order the book again, so you get it within a week.
If you have borrowed books from the library of the EUFH Bruehl, then an extension is no longer possible once you are over your deadline and fees are occuring. At CBS, you can extend the loan period, despite a late fee and pay it when you will return the books.

The current opening hours you will find here.

A separate registration is not required. Your CBS Student ID Card is also your Library ID Card.

You can reserve books via our online catalogue. You will get an email as soon as you can pick up the books.

Note down the location mark of the book (example: HKK 12 AUF) to find it on the shelf. If you want a book from the collection of Bruehl or Neuss, you have to reserve it. You will be asked for the preferred pickup location. If you select CBS, it will be delivered to Cologne.

You can see the lending regulations here. You can also find a printed copy in the library.

Our training program includes the Introduction in Using the Library (every Tuesday at 12:15h in our library) and research trainings which show you how to do literature search in databases (integrated in the course "Scientific Working").

You can log in to your account here. Please use the reader number standing on your CBS ID card. The required password consists of your date of birth, which is entered without dots between (DDMMYYYY). Once you are logged in, you can, under the menu item "reader account", see exactly which media you have lended. In the account, you can also renew your borrowed items three times (if they are not reserved by other people).

Through a partnership with the University and City Library of Cologne you can borrow books free of charge from this library. To register there you have to show them your CBS student ID card and a valid identity card, then you will receive an own USB library card.

The students of the EMS Mainz can rely on the remote lending services UB Mainz.

You can put jackets and bags in the lockers at the entrance of the library. Unfortunately the lockers can't be used for overnight.