Other library catalogs

In addition to our library catalog, there are other library catalogs where you can search for book titles to see which library has the book in stock and where you can borrow it from.

Info: A Library Catalog lists the libraries where you can borrow the title physically, a library catalog includes usually not the full text (complete books or articles) but only the metadata (such as title information, author, year, value and location in the library and the "Leihstatus" (available / borrowed). With an inter-library loan through the University and City library of Cologne (USB) (registered users only), the USB can also check books from other libraries for you and you can pick them up for a small fee. See also here.

University- and City Library Cologne. Here you will also find an overview of the databases in economics.

University Library Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg Universität). Here you will find an overview of the databases of the university.

Special library catalogs

Karlsruher Virtual Catalog
The KVK offers the ability to search multiple library holdings in Germany, as well as from other countries at the same time all within one user interface. Click on the box next to the German flag to do so, to find all library consortia. If you find that there is a library that has your desired book you can order it to your "domestic library" if necessary via interlibrary loan (internal link to interlibrary loan). Even stocks of booksellers are available through the KVK (Amazon, etc.).

Economy / Industry and Commerce
Econis – Zentralbibliothek Wirtschaftswissenschaften  (Bibliothekskatalog)

Asian Studies
GIGA – Informationszentrum Fachbibliothek Asien
Bayrische Staatsbibliothek – Sammelschwerpunkt Ost- und Südostasien  
Fakultät für Ostasienwissenschaften Ruhr – Universität Bochum
Institut für Sinologie – Heidelberg
EVOCS – European Virtual OPAC for Chinese Studies