About us

The emphasis of the collection is in accordance with the offered courses on the economic, social and media studies.

In the CBS library you will find the textbooks which you will need to prepare for the lectures and which are recommended by the lecturers. In our library catalogue you can search which books the CBS, the EUFH in Brühl, the EUFH in Neuss, and the EMS in Mainz have in stock. Via the catalogue you can also reserve books or extend loan periods. Via our databases you get access to e-journals and e-books. Our library offers you therefore a good choice of media and materials for your studies at the Cologne Business School.

The library has five study-rooms which you can use freely. It does not require registration or reservation. Within the library there are also other places for quiet work. A computer-room with 14 PCs gives you the opportunity to work on site, but you can also use your own laptop. A photocopier allows copies and convenient printing on the spot. To use the copier you need your Student ID Card. Through a special follow-me technology, it is also possible to send off jobs from your laptop to any of the copier-devices at any location of the campus.

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