Loan periods

The loan period is 1 week. You can extend the loan period three times (by mail, phone or in your user account) if the book has not been reserved by someone else.

To check the loan period, we give you a receipt. If you extend the loan period online, the program shows you a new date, which we would always ask, for your own safety, to save in a screenshot capture, since non-traceable "technical failures" afterwards does not help if there is confusion regarding the loan period. We will inform you, usually once a week if you have exceeded the loan period. 

Extension of the loan period:
As stated above, you can renew the loan period three times. To make this free of charge, it is necessary to book an extension each week (by mail, phone or online from your user account). Please note that if the book you borrowed is reserved by someone else in the meantime, a further extension is not possible.

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